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The fourth committee of the six principal organs of the United Nations, established by the UN Charter in 1945, the Special Political and Decolonization considers a broad range of issues such as territorial disputes, intricate diplomatic affairs, and complex political issues, further including a comprehensive review of the question of peacekeeping operations, review of special political missions and international cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space. When it was first created, SPECPOL was solely responsible for decolonization-related issues. However, after independence was given to United Nations trust territories, the committee’s workload decreased,  consequently, the fourth committee was merged with the Special Political Committee.

The Council, as one of the main committees of the General Assembly, meets up from September to December (main part) each year, and thereafter, from January to December (resumed part) where it considers current issues during high-level thematic debates. It consists of 193 Member States.  The General Assembly takes up outstanding reports from the committee as well throughout the year.

This is the first time the SPECPOL council will be held at KarMUN and we are eager to show you the depth and interestingness of issues this council covers. This committee is recommended for anyone who feels passionate about any of the aforementioned topics and is interested in a debate that is engaging, fascinating, and lets you express your ideas and suggestions in a safe and welcoming environment.

Issues of 2023:

Strengthening Political Stability by Combating Narcotics Trade

Addressing the Western Sahara Conflict

 (The delegates of SPECPOL participate in the General Assembly, hence they only debate on two issues.)


You can access the Issue Descriptions of each topic by clicking on the titles in blue.

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