Data protection

In case of students under the age of 18, a prerequisite condition for applying for our KARMUN event series is receiving the consent of the person exercising parental rights over the child to process his/her data.

The Organizer only accepts registration from schools applying for the event in case the Data Management Consent is available online simultaneously with the communication of the data. and is uploaded in scanned version. You can download the forms required to submit your consent here. Information related to data handling is provided as part of the Consent documents and the KARMUN Privacy Policy Statement.

The Organizer of KARMUN assumes that schools only register students in the series of events whose appropriate consent documents related to the management of their personal data are available. The original copy of the consents must be retained by the schools and the scanned copies must be sent to the Organizer at the same time students are registering for the event. In the case of students, schools need to ask for a separate consent for the registration-, and - if necessary – for the handling of special data (special diet, allergy etc.) as well as for shooting and using photos, and videos at and after the events. Separate data are required for entering the Parliament, in which case the transmission of data to the Office of the Parliament is indispensable. If such data is not provided, the student or the teacher may not enter into the territory of the Parliament.

The organizer of the KARMUN assumes that schools only delegate students and teachers who are entitled to represent their school, in which case the legitimacy of the processing of their data is legitimate interest of the represented organization. If the teacher wishes to make specific information available to the Organizer regarding catering or housing (eg requesting a special diet, smoking, allergy, etc.), he / she must enclose his or her consent to the handling of these data at the same time.

If the personal data received by the Organizer requires consent of the person involved, but the consent is not attached to the information, – not even after notifying the person involved - the information will be destroyed in the absence of legitimacy of the data received. The Foundation handles medical data - such as allergies, special diets, or habits (e.g. smoking) - only based on the consent of the person involved. These data are necessary to ensure the smooth execution of the catering and housing (so that a student allergic to dogs should not go to a family where there is a dog, or a student requiring a special diet should be housed at a host family that is acquainted with that diet etc.).No health-related personal data will be transferred to a third party regarding the catering services provided by a third party during the events.

In case there are changes in the list of participants of the KARMUN event revealed only at the event, the data of the new participants can be only accepted for further processing in case the school delegaing them hands over the original Data Management Consent documents to the Organized, signed by authorized people.

Declarations contributing to the processing of data may be withdrawn at any time by the person contributing to the processing of data. But the withdrawal of the consent may not result in complete suspension of the processing of data (for example, in the case of a parliamentary admission or images published) due to the fulfillment of legal obligations or for technical reasons.

Participants may become subject of photos or videos shot at the events. These recordings will be used by the organizer for promoting the event on the event’s website, the event website promoting the event and promoting the KARMUN in the general to the public, provided that the participants (those on the photos and videos) have contributed to appearing on them.In the case of mass recordings, the legal basis for making and using the photos and videos shot at the events is the legitimate interest of the organizer, and in other cases the consent of the persons included in the recording.

If you do not want to be photographed or recorded on a video, please do not hesitate to contact the Organizer's on-site representative at the event. The legal basis for the recording is in this case the legitimate interest of the organizer. The purpose of the data management is to document the event and to inform the general public about the KARMUN events and to inform the visitors of the website. Records are not discarded, but are kept for posterity. The recordings can be used in PR activities of the Foundation, in any press material related to the KARMUN event and the Karinthy Secondary School, or on the official KARMUN website.

For further information regarding the review of the recordings, disabling their disclosure, or requesting their cancellation, please turn to the Foundation's staff: Salamon Attila (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), +36-1-291-2072 . Recordings will be otherwise available on the KARMUN website:

Should you wish to withdraw your consent regarding individual (non-mass-) shootings, you may download the form here. Participation at the event is not dependent on giving your consent to shooting and using photos and videos during the event. Consent to data management can be withdrawn any time, but - for technical reasons - withdrawal may not always result in the complete deletion of existing images shot on the basis of your consent. Withdrawal of your consent shall not affect the lawfullness of the data handling carried out on the basis of your consent prior to the withdrawal. For further information information related to the management of personal data, please refer to the Registration Form or the KARMUN Privacy Policy Statement.

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