Névtelen 7


Dear Participants of KarMUN 2020,

We are afraid we have sad news for you. Yesterday night the local government has officially decided that KarMUN 2020 must not take place next week because of the possible appearance of Covid-19 infection in our district. We are deeply apologetic about the inconveniences, but please take into consideration that the decision was made in the protection of the participants of the conference, the students, their family and the community, and it was initiated by the local government and the head of the school district. This decision affects not only KarMUN but all locally organized mass events and international relations. 

Thank you for all your work during the past half year!
We sincerely hope that despite this responsible but hard decision, and the situation it has brought you into, you will still be planning to attend KarMUN conferences in the future. We will welcome all of you with great pleasure.

Thank you for your understanding,
The Organiser Team of KarMUN 2020  


7 March, 2020

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