The Crisis Committee is a fast-paced, intriguing committee, which also poses a challenge to those participating as they have to take actions with consequences as opposed to creating a non-binding resolution. The delegations, which consist of two representatives, have to cooperate to solve a series of global crises. The events of the crises are presented by the Crisis Committee Headquarters, also known as the CCHQ, by means of announcements about the state of the world, newsflashes and personal messages to any and all delegations. The aim of the committee’s delegates should be preventing an international disaster, by peaceful debates and active cooperation, whilst also keeping to the policies of their countries.

In spite of not having any knowledge about the crises prior to the sessions, the delegations are required to carry out thorough research into their countries' foreign policy, political and military structure, the dependency on other nations, membership of alliances, general history, and especially, the recent and current international events their countries have been involved in, so as to be able to successfully participate in the sessions of the Crisis Committee.

Throughout the sessions, the delegates will have to actively contribute to the progress of the debate by making their own decisions while using their creativity and problem solving skills. With the help of the official KarMUN Crisis Committee Website, the representatives will be able to send informal messages to each other in order to establish private diplomatic relationships and secret alliances, all the while also having the opportunity to conspire against the others thus reaching dramatic climaxes.

The issues of the Crisis Committee will only be announced during the conference.


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