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We have decided to organise this year’s KarMUN in person and opened the Final Registration accordingly. You can find all necessary information below and the Application Form for both individual Delegates or Student Officers and those coming as a part of a delegation below “Links for application.” Please note that filling in one of these Application Forms signifies a commitment to our conference as opposed to only expressing interest.


There are two ways to register for the conference.

  1.  As (a) part of a delegation of a school

    This approach requires MUN Directors to register the delegation as a whole. The delegates will only be asked to register individually during the Final Registration. We prefer this way of registration, since involving MUN Directors in the process will hopefully introduce a factor of accountability, comfort and safety for the delegates and it facilitates our job to a great extent. 

  2. Individually

    We encourage you to try to convince your school to send a delegation, but if it is not possible, students can enter the conference individually. There is no separate registration form for individual applicants, you will have to fill out the same form, but indicate that you are entering individually. Since handling individual applications requires more work and they are a greater financial burden the fee for such applicants will be higher than for members of a delegation.



General information


For Student Officers: 10 February

For Delegates: 21 February


Age Limit

Students must be between the ages of 14- 19 to be able to attend the conference.


Consent Form

Everyone registering for our conference is required to fill out and attach a Consent Form to their registration and in the case of delegates below the age of 18 a Parental Consent Form is needed as well.
These consent forms are necessary so that our staff can manage the necessary personal information during the registration process and provide services such as ordering meals according to special dietary restrictions. In case of an in person event we will also ask participants to fill out forms concerning the use of photographs and videos taken during the conference. The forms themselves include further details regarding their purpose and can be downloaded from our website ( 



The approximate registration fee for the conference is set to 65 EUR for international delegates, Hungarian delegates will be required to pay a lower amount to participate. MUN Directors and student officers are only expected to pay for meals.

Please note that this fee might change slightly, we will announce the exact amount when the Final Registration opens after 20 January.




Should you have any questions or need any further assistance with the registration process please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.! 



Virág Nyisztor

President of the General Assembly


KarMUN 2022

Budapest, 21 January 2022

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