Névtelen 7


Dear Future Participants,

The official date of KarMUN 2020 has been set to 11-14/03/2020. Year by year we face new challenges as a conference, however we truly believe that the Organizer Team will successfully tackle all of them for you to bring an enjoyable few days in March.

Our conference covers different topics year by year, which is always something very significant to our generation. The main topic of the 15th annual edition of KarMUN that is going to be discussed through the 4 days is ‘World in Motion’.

Our theme this year is one to be thoughtful about. Our forever changing world always creates new issues, such as global warming, migration or the dangers of the technological development. Today, in our busy world, it becomes more and more essential to stop for a moment and talk about the issues of nowadays and tackle them because that might define our future.

For these reasons, we believe that we can, and we will make a difference with our work during the preparation for KarMUN, as well as in the conference days.

Yours sincerely,

KarMUN Team