Special Conference on Global Balance

The Special Conference is free to put any international issue on its agenda, connected to the current theme of the conference. Unlike any other committees, it is therefore not limited to any frame of responsibilities. Thus, topics that have been discussed in the Special Conference vary a lot covering diverse topics, from international politics, environmental protection, and economics to culture and sports.

In KarMUN SPC is a new committee, setting new issues and topics to be debated during the conference. This council provides a new possibility for the discussion of serious and modern issues. Considering the dream of a better future and a globally balanced world in all possible ways, the highest levels of cooperation is required from every delegation, in order to have an extremely successful conference.


  1.  The issue of domestic migration
  2.  Economic and social effects of global warming
  3.  Eliminating corruption in international sports


Bence Holnapy


Réka Kollmann

Deputy Chair

Violetta Vajda

Deputy Chair

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