The International Civil Aviation Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations. It means that it is an autonomous (having self-government, at least to some degree) organization, but has a relationship with the United Nations through negotiated agreements. Similarly to other specialized agencies, ICAO sets standards and guidelines, provides technical assistance and practical help. ICAO has been working since 1944 with 192 of the 193 Member States in order to make aviation not only safe, efficient and secure, but also economically sustainable and environmentally responsible. In modern days the last two aspects are becoming more important than ever and novel solutions are required in order to be achieved.

This committee is recommended for delegates who are interested in aviation and by the time of the conference they are familiar with the most important terms (jargon), conventions and regulations of this field. This should be paired with fresh and creative ideas connected to the issues. However, please bear in mind to be realistic with the suggestions, since ICAO aims to solve real-life problems in the present, with a prosperous foresight for the future.

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