G13 Summit

The G13 Summit is a brand new committee at KarMUN, where you will have the opportunity to represent one of the 13 economically most developed nations of the world and discuss serious global problems. The base of this committee is the G8+5 summit, however here in KarMUN the five extra countries are also going to be permanent members. The G13 is made up of the 13 most powerful economies of the world. The member countries are the following: Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States. Due to the influence and power of these nations, their annual summits have been seen as a chance to discuss on how to deal with the world's (or their) most pressing concerns.


However the G13 does not act as a single unit to "run the world." There is just as much difference and disagreement between G13 countries as there is common ground and agreement. Other countries and groups of countries have power in the world as well and can say "no" to G13 policies and actions. However, through the G13, member countries can make deals and compromises with one another and then form powerful alliances to exert influence in world politics.


  1.  UK's exit from the European Union
  2.  Illicit trade
  3.  The effects of tariffs on global trade


Katinka Koncsik


Shaan Bhasin

Deputy President

Lili Huba

Deputy President


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