The Futuristic Security Council is one of the most unique organizations among MUN committees. The FSC is not like any other council, as its issues are beyond today’s security problems. It focuses primarily on the possible outcomes of the future based on our present. Delegations in this council require a highly creative imagination as well as a logical and realistic understanding of our world in order to create effective resolutions. The wide range of possibilities challenge the delegates, yet, its beauty comes from the freedom of forming our future. The committee aims to detect and prevent the earth from any form of a future crisis. Most important topics in the FSC include technology, military, internal and external policies, society and human rights.

Each delegation consists of 2 representatives, who are to prepare themselves for the debate based on the country profiles that the chairs prepare prior to the debate. Further facts and country policies can be created by the delegates until they are not overruled by the presidency. To stay authentic to the countries, the delegates are required to research on the given country’s foreign policy, external affairs, military activities and previous political structures from the past.

When delegates from all around the world come together and collaborate to work on our future, something marvellous happens. How we form our present will determine our future. The possible outcomes only depend on us; and now the world needs us more than ever. Let’s form the future together!



In 2044 a space program called Icharus Space Ecosystem Project (ISEP) was initiated by countries such as USA, Republic of China and Russia. The giant space station with a colony of 100,000 men on board was launched to an orbit around the Earth. Although the ISEP brought prosperity to the USA and the other founding nations, it had detrimental effects on the atmosphere of the Earth and ruined the economy of numerous small countries. In 2106 a terrorist attack was initiated by an unknown organisation from one of these countries against the ISEP during which the space station suffered numerous casualties. As an answer a radical organisation, the Icharus Patriots (IP) was formed on the ISEP which is currently planning to commence a counter attack, hence a space war is about to break out.

Female Nazi Cult
Saudi Arabian women and feminists rebelled against Saudi men. In 2040 the role of women was still not equal with men in Saudi Arabia, although such measurements to decrease the gap have been taken by activists and the Saudi government. Now women protest daily, make blocades and demand many things to be taken. According to the Islam and royal principles, the military cannot be deployed against Saudi citizens and police forces became too exhausted about the vandalism. The royal council and the ruler are powerless and asked the help of the UN. Female acticist groups will not stand down until their demands are not accomplished, thus a civil war in the country is about to break out.

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