Disarmament and International Security Committee

In a world where there are enough weapons of mass destruction to wipe it all out, disarmament remains a crucial issue. Our Committee was among the first UN organs to be established and has had a decisive role in making treaties like the Non-Proliferation Treaty and the Biological Weapons Convention as well as other landmark agreements reducing the arsenal of those who have such weapons and ensuring the others would not obtain them. Along removing WMD-s, the Committee strives to reduce conventional armament as much as possible, saving a lot of effort and money for more peaceful purposes by cutting down on military expenditure. And regardless of whether we debate super-weapons or budget, nothing that is discussed in the Disarmament Committee is to be taken lightly - we are responsible for protecting humanity from itself.

All delegates are therefore asked to prepare thoroughly for a challenging round of debate, strengthen their hearts and bear in mind our mission at all times.

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