KARMUN Model United Nations

is an educational simulation in which students are able to learn more about the United Nations international system. The MUNs involve debating, researching, critical thinking, improving writing skills and public speaking about different issues of the world. Students from all around the world gather for these conferences and to become more familiar with the opportunities and limitations about an organisation like the UN. The delegations of each high school represent one country each. These delegations adapt their represented country’s beliefs, values and views through research for a few days through the conference. This means that from time to time someone might have to represent a belief that is not their own, but they have to read about the background to get familiar with them. The delegates sit in different committees that exist in the real United Nations too. The topics that are under discussion are chosen to reflect the current debates in the committees. The working process simulates the original system such as creating agenda, having debating sessions, drafting and passing resolutions and voting in procedure. There are formal and informal debates in which delegates place is laid out or they have negotiation sessions. The main aim of the committees is to write a resolution that is accepted by the majority of delegates and tackles the problem they were facing.

KarMUN, or Karinthy Model United Nations is a conference hosted by Karinthy Frigyes Bilingual Secondary School in Budapest, Hungary each year since 2005. Each committee has a Chair/President and Deputy chairs who are responsible for supervising and leading the debates. In order to make the conference effective and smooth many background workers help the KarMUN’s process, such as Facility Managers, PR managers, Press and Media members, Photographers, Housing Managers, Catering Managers and members of the Art Project.  

2020’s conference is going to start at the 11th of March and end at the 14th. The global issue that became the main topic of the conference and is going to be discussed through the 4 days is 'World in Motion'.

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